Top 10 Air Purifying Plants

Our apartment looks much brighter with plants around. I love the idea of having a mix of plants, of different sizes and colors. More importantly, I think if you’re a plant lover, it’s a great idea to add at least one or two air purifying plants into the mix. This article contains NASA’s official study on the top 10 air purifying plants.

The Areca Palm and the Lady Palm scored the highest air purifying points. The Areca Palm is easy to care for and has a long life span. Whichever plant you choose, you should make sure the environment in which you live fits the needs of the plant. Bamboos are one of our favorites. In addition to their obvious beauty, we’ve found them to be all around easy plants to care for, and they last a long time. In contrast, our personal experience with the Peace Lily was not so good. Often times our poor plant looked sickly, despite us diligently following the care instructions, and apparently that’s been the experience of many people with this hard-maintenance beauty.


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