Feeling Nostalgic

I have a growing list of natural products I’d like to try one day and I thought I’d share some with you moving forward. I’m hoping someone reading this might be able to supply feedback and recommendations. For example, how does this featured balm smell? Aside from their obviously adorable packaging, Nostalgia’s Aromatherapy Balms are made with 100% natural botanical oils and organic plant essences. They contain no artificial colors, synthetic fragrances, petrochemicals, phthalates, or parabens.


Additionally, Nostalgia believes in fair trade working conditions and wages, recycling and repurposing practices, and selecting raw materials from farms and communities that offer sustainable, organic agriculture. A portion of sales goes towards the Beautiful Survivor program, a volunteer, grass-roots program dedicated to offering women recovering from cancer non-carcinogenic, 100% natural skincare products to promote healing and self-confidence during and after cancer treatment. Love that idea!

As a gift idea, I’d put this balm, along with another small product like an organic lip balm, inside a unique tea cup (perhaps something just collecting dust in your home or from at a thrift shop), with reusable cloth wrapping, of course (refer to the Wrapper’s Delight post below).

On a different note, unless my memory is failing me, I could have sworn this was sold on Etsy a few years ago …

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