Build it Green! NYC

Build it Green! NYC is New York City’s only non-profit retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials. 16,500 tons of building material are thrown out every day in New York City and Build it Green’s mission is to reduce the amount of those materials ending up in landfills. Seems like they’re doing a good job – they’ve kept 450 tons of building materials out of landfills while saving New Yorkers money. All proceeds go to environmental education programs at Solar 1.


Their warehouse located in Astoria (3-17 26th Avenue) contains panel doors, high-end refrigerators, shutters, movie props, lumber, tchotchkes, windows, and chairs. Salvaged materials have been taken from a variety of buildings about to be demolished or remodeled in NYC, and surplus materials have been donated by building suppliers and contractors interested in protecting the environment and reducing waste.


I lived on a street in Chelsea that was constantly cluttered with discarded furniture, some in pretty good condition. What a waste. So if you live in New York, check out Build it Green!, and grab some wonderful food in Astoria while you’re at it.

All photos from Inhabitat.

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