The Kind of Care Package a Mom Sends

No matter how old you get, to your mom you’ll always be a child: “Eat your apple.” “You don’t sound well, are you catching a cold, are you eating your vegetables?, you need to get eight hours of sleep.” “Stop slouching.” “Why don’t you do something with your hair?” And then there are the care packages. My mom’s care package two months ago consisted of a large box of dozens and dozens of green teas, spices, and coffee.


The other day, we received two boxes of goodies only a mom could send. The contents are as follows:

  • Four bags of lemon bars
  • One box of Big Island shortbread cookies dipped in dark chocolate
  • Two bags of chocolate chip cookies
  • Five bags of granola
  • Two bags of furikake (dried seaweed/rice cracker mix),
  • Two large BPA-free water bottles
  • Box of food wrap
  • several packing tapes (yes, packing tapes)
  • Six gel point pens
  • Harper’s Bazaar magazine
  • Two sets of playing cards
  • One large bag of sunflower seeds

These lemon bars are phenomenal! They don’t last too long, which is why she sent four bags.


This Anahola Granola is absolutely tasty and healthy. The wonders it can do to a plain yogurt …


And that’s a mom for you. When you tell her, “Mom, please stop sending us things, you need to save money, shipping’s too expensive, we’re fine.” She will always respond in a firm tone, “I’m your mom. This makes me happy. Don’t tell me what to do.” There is nothing that can compare to a mom’s love. Thank you mom!!!


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