My Favorite Oscar Gown

The Academy Awards seem to have always been about “what will she be wearing?” as much as “which film will win best picture?” So when I think of the leading ladies of my generation, there’s been both beautiful gowns – Charlize’s slinky orange gown – to some “interesting” choices – Bjork’s swan lake number. But if there was one comprehensive look, one gown that would define my personal Oscar style, it would be the look of Michelle Williams the year she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Brokeback Mountain.


It was love at first sight when I saw this 1930s-style egg yolk-hued Vera Wang gown with ultra-feminine, airy pleated chiffon collar detail on a plunging tulle neckline. For me, everything about this look came together in all the right ways. In addition to the gown itself, the combination of the stunning necklace, the pop of red lipstick which surprisingly meshed perfectly with her pale skin and the bright yellow hue, and her natural looking flowy hair, made the entire look dazzle.


With the talented Heath Ledger.


And considering I probably won’t ever make it to the Academy Awards, I’d love to recreate this gown into a wedding dress. You think this dress would go Vera Wang for target anytime soon? (Note sarcasm).

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