Eco Friendlier iPhone Cases

Here’s a few iPhone case options that are a bit more on the eco-friendly side. This Bamboo Slider is composed of 40% reclaimed bamboo shards from materials such as construction scaffolding and chopsticks (and 60% polypropylene blend). Lightweight construction, and direct access to all device features. Available in fantastic colors like eggplant, beet, olive, tomato, and mushroom. It’s pricey at $35, but this seems to have all the elements of eco-friendly materials, design, and functionality.


Innovez Biodegradeable 3G/3GS iPhone case is fabricated with an advanced biodegradable transparent material. This design also allows for quick and easy access to all iPhone’s features. Also $35.


JAVOedge iPhone Cork Back Cover has cutouts that allow full function usage while inside the case, pressed cork material provides added comfort, durability, and slip protection. $19.95.


And obviously the most eco-friendly, affordable option would be to make your own like this DIY denim phone case. I love that it’s affordable, that it’s made from 100% recycled material, and of course I love denim; however, it won’t be the best option if you’re notoriously clumsy like me and tend to drop the phone while using it.


Please let me know if you know of better eco-friendly iPhone cases.

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