Salmon Ochazuke

Here’s another one of our favorite ways to eat Salmon. Ochazuke (ocha means tea in Japanese) is a traditional Japanese dish made by pouring green tea and condiments of your choice over cooked rice. Here’s the way our family eats this:


  • Cook rice or use leftover rice.
  • Cook salmon as you normally would (this dish is filling so we use a half a pound of salmon, which is enough to feed two adults). 
  • Boil a pot of hot water, then put two bags of decaf green tea into the pot. Let brew for about three minutes. (Note: We recommend you use Genmai Cha green tea with roasted brown rice. You want to use a tea that already has the rice flavor).
  • In a bowl, first put rice, then salmon on top, then sprinkle two packets worth of dried Japanese condiments (consisting of a mix of ground tea, powdered kelp, dried seaweed, and rice crackers). You can find these at Asian markets. Look for the ones that do not contain MSG.
  • Lastly, pour the hot tea over everything and enjoy!


Much like jook (another comfort rice dish that’s perfect for combining a mix of leftovers), ochazuke is a traditional, cost-effective comfort food. We grew up in homes where soup was often times consumed as a main dish – breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and where rice was often times put inside the soup, rather than on the side. This dish typically costs us about $2.50 per person. Affordable, fairly healthy, and comforting!

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