Mad Maximus Minimus

In addition to its brilliant ying and yang name, Seattle’s Maximus Minimus is one of the most unique looking food trucks I’ve seen. I’m not much for gimmicks, so thankfully this Thunderdome pig has good quality, palate-pleasing, wholesome food to back up its sleek aesthetic. And with food that contains no artificial preservatives, colors, sweeteners, and flavor enhancers, Maximus Minimus challenges the stereotype of the greasy fast food truck, although those no frills greasy food trucks certainly serve its purpose now and then.


The Pixar team could probably do something with this design.


This is one of the best pulled porked sandwiches I’ve tasted. The hormone-free pork was tantalizingly juicy and tender, and the toasted bun passed the soggy test. But what really made this sandwich a star was the sweet “Minimus” sauce comprised of tamarind, honey and molasses. You can also order this with the spicy “Maximus” sauce containing beer, a six pepper blend, onions, and fruit juices.


I loved this vegetarian sandwich! I suspect the sweet sauce is what made this sandwich taste so divine, but I also enjoyed the mix of barley, fennel bulb, and roasted onions.


Maximus Minimus is owned by Sugar Mountain, a company that prides itself in serving pure, local, all-natural food. Sugar Mountain also owns the highly popular Beecher’s Handmade Cheese. Next time you’re in Seattle, check out the pig in shades.

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