Eco Friendly Summer Sandals: Mohop

These stylish Mohop sandals caught my eye today on the Modish blog. According to Mohop, the shoes are environmentally friendly, comfortable, and allow nearly infinite design options with just one pair of wooden soles – you simply lace any ribbon through their patent-pending elastic loops to create a own one-of-a-kind, custom-fit pair.

They currenly have two lines: a Handmade collection where they make the shoes entirely in their Chicago studio, starting from blocks of American walnut, cherry or maple; and a Ready to Wear collection where their sustainably-sourced sole component is carved outside overseas but the assembly is finished in their studio.

Mohop, founded in 2005 by architect Annie Mohaupt strives to be socially conscious by ensuring that both collections are produced with sustainably-sourced, recycled, and/or fair-trade materials produced in humane working conditions. They partnered with Jhoole, a non-profit social enterprise in India, to create their recycled, one-of-a kind saree ties. Jhoole is currently building a eco-friendly, energy-neutral training center in Maheshwar, India, and 100% of the purchase price for the saree ties ($25 each) goes toward the development of a computer lab.

Upon first sight, they don’t look very comfortable, especially the higher heeled ones, but they say the curved shape of the footbed provides even support along the length of the foot, alleviating the typical fatigue points at the heel or ball of the foot and that the elastic loops allow the ribbon ties to move with the foot, eliminating the blisters and chafing associated with most new sandals. Now, I’m an all day, walk to the moon and back, non-driving kind of person, so I wonder if these would be suitable for someone like me. If you are like me, there’s probably no harm in trying them out since they offer a full refund if you’re not happy with them.

I don’t have the budget to buy new shoes right now, but if I did, I’d be willing to bet these would make even my ghastly pale legs look not too shabby, and even if they didn’t, I’d feel good about supporting a company making an effort to help social causes.

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