Shaved Asparagus Pizza

I told you it was asparagus week here. And I’m so excited to share this shaved asparagus recipe from Smitten Kitchen for those who haven’t seen it yet. Let me just say, wow! This recipe was extremely easy and delicious. I must say, one of the best pizzas I’ve had, homemade or at a restaurant. I’ve already made this twice, with a few ingredients modifications: I used some leftover onions instead of scallions, I added garlic powder, I negated the mozzarella and instead just used some Parmesan-Romano-Asiago mix, and in addition to the shavings I added some chunkier bits of asparagus to give it a nice textural mix. If you’re a vegan, instead of the cheese I suggest adding some roasted garlic chunks, extra onions, a bit more olive oil, and garlic powder. And lots and lots of crushed black pepper!

I also used Smitten Kitchen’s really simple pizza dough recipe.  I’m so so far from being a good cook, so things like making a pizza dough had always intimidated a newbie like me, especially since there’s just so many different pizza dough recipes out there. But trust me, this pizza dough recipe is straightforward and it came out perfectly – loved the crust! No rolling pin needed.

I always like to stretch out meals and ingredients, so I reserved some of the asparagus mixture and cheese for the next day. But since I didn’t have time to make dough for lunch, I took out a whole wheat pita bread from the freezer, topped it off with the above ingredients, and voila a no fuss pizza for lunch.  And the cost for pizza for dinner and lunch for two people was just $10. Thank Smitten Kitchen! If you’re interested, here’s another variation to this recipe. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to Shaved Asparagus Pizza

  1. I made a shaved asparagus pizza on my blog awhile ago, it’s SO good! I suggest everyone should try it! I also have a super simple (even simpler) dough recipe that doesn’t require any rising, which makes it totally do-able on a weeknight. Yours looks so good- I love the close up photo!

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