Sugar Pill: Apothecary – Culinary – Mercantile

Store Profile

The eclectic Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle is better known for its dining and drinking spots than retails shops. Last year was a particularly gloomy time for the retail scene as several Capitol Hill mom-and-pop stores shut their doors. That is precisely why the opening of SugarPill a few months ago seemed both defiant and reassuring. SugarPill is a culinary and herbal apothecary with an old-school twist where proprietor, herbalist, and homeopathic consultant Karyn Schwartz can offer you anything from detoxification tea formulas to herbal supplements, all with a welcoming smile. Once you’ve found something to soothe your ailment, you’ll have no problem stocking up for your next dinner party. In keeping with Seattle’s support local mantra, SugarPill sells locally-sourced products like preserves made from sustainably grown, peak-of-the-season fruits from Deluxe Foods and raw honey from Ballard Bee Company. SugarPill also stocks a carefully curated selection of bath and body products from companies like Sarada Ayurvedic Remedies and miél. I’m looking forward to SugarPill’s growth as it continues to introduce us to more local small businesses while rejuvenating the retail scene here.

Location: 900 E. Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98122
Phone: 206-322-7455
Website:, Facebook

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