Local Roots & Broadway Sunday Farmer’s Market

One of our Sunday morning rituals is to walk about two miles to the Broadway Farmer’s Market after a few cups of black coffee. Some people have asked us why we bother to walk so far especially on a rainy day, when there’s two large grocery stores just three minutes away. The simple answer is that we just feel happier when we eat the food we buy from the farmer’s market. Our neighborhood farmer’s market isn’t year-round, so while it’s here we feel we need to take advantage of it, even though like many people we’ve been dealing with hard financial times. So we rarely eat out and we always brew our own coffee (despite living in Seattle, and on a street with half dozen coffee houses). It’s just about prioritizing what’s important for us right now, and health is at the top.

Despite our tight budget, we feel strongly about buying produce that’s fresh with less pesticides, we like to see where our food comes from, we like to support small local family farms, and the farmer’s market offers a social aspect that quite frankly we’re not going to find in the cereal aisle under jarring fluorescent lights. I just wish better food was much more affordable and accessible for people at all income levels.

Since we can’t afford to spend too much but everything looks so good, my fiance and I take a shopping list to keep us focused and not overspend. It works. Today we found that asparagus is surprisingly still around (apparently until the end of July, although looking not quite as bright or sharp), strawberries and cherries are going strong, Kohlrabi is here for the second week (something I’ve never cooked with and intend to try next week), and today marked the quiet debut of zucchini and cucumber. We’re glad we got to the Farmer’s market early because the cucumber was sold out in the first 15 minutes. Other fruits and vegetables currently in season: swiss chard, kale, mustard greens, mizuna, spinach, lettuce of all kinds, carrots, broccoli, sugar snap peas, bok choy, radishes, apriums.

One of our favorite farmers are Local Roots. They consistently have a nice range of vegetables, always in superb condition. Their prices are very fair considering the size of the bounties they offer: $3 for a gigantic bundle of swiss chard or $2 for mizuna. Their farm is free from any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. They believe a safe and healthy food system is one that is transparent to the consumers. That’s what we want. Another cool thing – the man at the helm every Sunday gave up his law profession to become a farmer.

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2 Responses to Local Roots & Broadway Sunday Farmer’s Market

  1. run4joy59 says:

    I really enjoy having the opportunity to chat with the people who raise the food I buy…can’t really do that when you buy your produce at the chain grocery stores!!

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