ecō FACE Sunscreen

Last week I wrote about my desire to try the new Loving Naturals sunscreen because of the low hazard rating it received from the Environmental Working Group. The other sunscreen with a low hazard rating that caught my interest was ecō FACE so I was glad to see it recommended on ecosalon’s Gold Guide to a Safe Summer Glow.

It seems ecō FACE might be a good option for those who’d like to wear sunscreen even to work, not just during the summer to the beach. It’s described as being light enough for daily use and non whitening, designed to be used under makeup and provides a non greasy, “cosmetically luxurious texture on the skin.” It’s hypoallergenic, won’t clog pores, and like Loving Naturals doesn’t contain the controversial skin penetrating nano particles.

It almost sounds too good to be true – I’ve tried other products that promised the same things but still made me look like a Kabuki character, or worse it takes forever to rub the sunscreen evenly throughout, and who wants to deal with that everyday while rushing to work? But I won’t know until I try, so I’ll add this to my list.

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