Introductory Yoga Classes

I’ve been talking with quite a few people about how expensive yoga classes can be for people on really tight budgets but that could really use the myriads of yoga’s health benefits. People who are on tight budgets also tend to have tight schedules, so chasing down free classes far from where they live is not always feasible. My mom is one of these people. She has osteoarthritis, works six days a week, and lives paycheck to paycheck. I’d love nothing more than for her to have yoga in her life on a regular basis but that’s difficult to attain right now.

Although not a complete solution to this issue, one suggestion I can offer to others is to check to see if your neighborhood yoga studio is offering specials on introductory classes for new students. Seattle Yoga Arts in my neighborhood, for example, is offering 5 classes for $25 for new students. Additionally, 8 Limbs Yoga offers free monthly yoga 101 classes. By taking advantage of this, you can at least learn some basics, then do some of the poses you feel comfortable doing alone at home. And if your budget opens up a bit more in the future, you can go back for regular classes. Other simple solutions include renting yoga DVDs or checking daily discount sites for deals on yoga classes where you live. I’m a firm believer in the power of yoga, so it’s my wish that more people at all income levels can have regular access to it.

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