Blissful Fun & Function: Blissmobox

When a certain discount site first launched, I was happy to purchase discounted yoga classes from a studio I had been wanting to try forever but couldn’t afford. But then the discount site started cluttering my inbox with things that I had no interest in like Brazilian hair straightening and botox injections (I happen to like my 33-year-old laugh lines). Needless to say, that yoga package was the first and last thing I bought from them. This is not to say that all these discount sites are bad – I have friends who love getting discounts to their neighborhood restaurants or a weekend getaway they might not have been able to afford otherwise. I’m certainly all about people having fun and releasing some toxic stress on a budget.

But I was looking for something beyond restaurant discounts and nip tucking myself. That’s when I learned about Blissmo on GOOD. They offer daily discounts on organic and eco-friendly products that are safer for us and the environment. Just recently, they unveiled blissmobox, a subscription service that delivers eco-friendly products to your door once-a-month. For $19 per month (with $3 flat-rate shipping), subscribers get their choice of box each month, and selection varies based on themes and seasons. Each box has on average $30 of product value, and sometimes more. I love that there’s a surprise element while offering practical things people always need like non-toxic cleaning supplies or food. More importantly, with so many products out there, it’s nice to have a group of people carefully editing down the choices for you, and introducing you to things you’d love but would not have known about. This might be the next best thing to receiving a care package from your mom.

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