Google’s Impressive Healthy Food Program

This is pretty amazing. Google has a healthy food program that provides employees with free 24/7 access to organic vegetables at their campus. The program is designed to promote health and environmental values (local, organic, sustainable). Many employees are apparently eating healthy food for the first time in their lives and are losing weight in the process. Google also uses other strategies to promote healthier choices:

  • Puts the healthiest products at eye level
  • Uses small plates
  • Tries to include vegetables in everything
  • Makes healthier options available at all times
  • Uses the smallest sizes of snack foods
  • Makes it easy to be physically active
  • The only place on campus where employees pay for food is from the vending machines where you pay more for unhealthier snacks.

Not every company can afford to do this, but I agree with Marion Nestle that every company can adopt some of these pro-health strategies. In addition to providing employees with access to nutritious food, companies can encourage employees to exercise by giving them discounts on things like yoga classes or other natural health options like meditation classes or massage therapy. Bottom line, companies can only benefit from healthier, happier employees.

From Food Politics, Image: The Atlantic

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