My Favorite Yoga Pose: Warrior Pose II

As much as I’d like to say I love doing all yoga poses equally, there are some that I enjoy more than others. Downward-facing dog is a very beneficial pose, but truthfully not the one I look forward to most. My favorite yoga pose is warrior II (virbhadrasana II). It’s a pose I can do for a long period of time in a meditative state, and my body always feels good. My fiance also enjoys warrior II despite his lower back problems. When the weather’s good, this is the pose you can find us doing at our neighborhood park. In fact, you can do this just about anywhere, no mats, no tools, just yourself and a peace of mind.

The benefits of this pose include:

  • Strengthens and stretches the legs, hips, groins, ankles, feet, shoulders, and arms.
  • Expands your chest, helping you to breathe more deeply.
  • Builds stamina and concentration.
  • Energizes tired limbs.
  • Develops balance and stability.

Some things to note: Do not rotate forward the hip of your back leg. The arms, shoulders, hips and legs should all lie in the same plane. Your lower body should feel grounded in the pose. Think of your legs as pillars of strength that support your expanding chest and stretching arms. Exercise caution with this pose if you have hip or knee problems. 

Videos and images with step-by-step instructions: Video I, Video II, Image.

Here’s some other great beginner yoga poses you can do at home.

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