ecō BODY Non-Toxic Sunscreen: 56% off Today on blissmo

I did a post last month on ecō FACE sunscreen, so I was excited to see the body sunscreen offered at a heavily discounted price today on blissmo: just $11 for a 5.3 oz tube (normally $25). Unlike conventional sunscreens, ecō BODY is fragrance free and hypoallergenic, doesn’t clog pores, and free from chemical UV absorbers. It also received the safest sunscreen rating from the Environmental Working Group.

The mission of ecō skin care is to help foster a healthier world by using natural and organically sourced, chemical-free ingredients to produce safe and effective consumer products. Their products are also biodegradable, perfect for people concerned not only about their health but also their impact on the planet.

When I last checked the blissmo site, there was only 25 left in stock, so if you’ve been searching for a reasonably priced, non-toxic sunscreen, you might want to jump on this deal while it lasts.

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