The Reliable Kale

We go to the farmer’s market on Sunday, which means by Friday our vegetable and fruit supply is pretty sparse.  But there’s two hearty vegetables that I can always rely on at the end of the week – Swiss Chard and Kale.  We love both, but you will always find the cruciferous Kale in our home. They’re very thick with a rich dark color, and provides an incredible amount of health benefitsThis cancer-fighting, anti-inflammatory vegetable provides a whopping 1,3275% daily value of Vitamin K, 192% daily value of Vitamin A, and 88% daily value of Vitamin C. They’re also high in fiber and are an excellent source of calcium.

Pictured here is my typical kale pasta consisting simply of 2 bunches of Kale (2 large bunches for just $5 from the Local Roots farmers!), whole wheat noodles, 1 onion, 1 cup organic sugar-free tomato sauce (which we normally keep in the freezer for meals like this), and spices. Simply cook noodles al dente, heat up the tomato sauce, saute onions until transparent, lightly cook Kale for just a few minutes. Then first toss noodles with 1 cup of tomato sauce and olive oil. Then mix with kale and onions and other spices. That’s it! The spices we normally use are black pepper, red pepper flakes, garlic powder, oregano and thyme. This pasta feeds my fiance and I on Friday night, Saturday night, and lunch on Sunday – not bad for a grand total of $10. Lastly, we can’t talk kale without mentioning a blog completely dedicated to this mighty green giant.

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