Ode to Summer Songs

A few years ago as I was saying goodbye to my landlord who lived above me with his wife and two young children, he said to me with a smile “We’re all sure going to miss hearing you sing.” I knew immediately what he was talking about and my face turned red. You see, I’m an off-key songbird, and apparently my landlord and his family spent many evenings in their living room listening (and laughing) to my medley of songs rising up from the bathroom directly below them as I showered. What can I say? Singing (as does dancing) always puts me in a good mood.

Music has the power to heal and lift spirits, it serves as a powerful tool of self-expression, and it can bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together. And with so many music sites like 8tracks, Pandora, Playlist, and Grooveshark, to name a few, discovering, sharing and listening to music is a lot more affordable and accessible today than ever before. In addition to my preference for using the shower stall as my personal sound booth, there is always music in our kitchen. When my fiance and I cook, we find that music energizes us during the process. As we eat our meal, music calms us down and reminds us to eat slower, to really take the time to enjoy the food we’ve taken the time to create together.

Here’s some songs I hope will help you to both unwind and recharge over the weekend. And as summer winds down (sigh), many of these songs are obviously a nod to the sun and blue skies.

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