Bouncing Around

The weather in Seattle is gonna be phenomenal the entire weekend (well, as of now, anyway), so I plan on getting the last bits and drops of summer as much as I can – that pretty much means walking around everywhere and anywhere I can (what you do when you don’t have a car and are on a budget). You must think I’m one of those “so, how’s the weather?” kind of people. You know, I never ever talked about the weather until I moved to Seattle. Apparently, I’m not alone in this. Well, I hope everyone enjoys the weather more so than talking about it over this long weekend. Have fun, de-stress, and be healthy!

The “miracle mineral” that is magnesium (Organic Authority).

I can’t believe it’s not better. The ugly truth about non-dairy spreads (Organic Authority).

New York company trying to bring produce from roof to supermarket (GOOD).

September is National Yoga Month.

Meditation’s health benefits (Healthy Women).

Stay clear of pesticide methyl iodie (Grist).

The hazards of hospitals – infographic (MindBodyGreen).

Beautiful backyard work studio (Inhabitat).

SHOPBOX turns a shipping container into a giant vending machine for Brooklyn’s Dekalb Market (Inhabitat).

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