About Saturday Persimmon

Welcome, my name is Jennifer, thanks so much for visiting my newborn blog. I started this blog in June 2011 to share the information I find useful in my quest to live a more healthy and balanced life on a budget, peppered with stories about my family and whatever else catches my attention. (If you’re wondering why there’s posts pre-2011 if this is a new blog, it’s because I migrated some of my posts over from an older blog I shared with friends).

Why persimmons? Because they symbolize three things that mean a great deal to me right now: health, family, and reconnecting with my culture. Persimmons, more than any other fruit, remind me of my late grandmother. It’s a fruit that was always shared during good times – eating dried persimmons as a child on my birthdays, drinking a persimmon cinnamon drink after a spicy meal at my favorite Korean restaurant, my mom cutting small pieces of fresh persimmon for me after dinner.

About Me

I was born in Korea and moved to Hawaii when I was 6. I am the daughter of a fiercely hardworking immigrant mom who had been financially supporting her family since she was just 12 years old. She grew up in the kind of poverty I can’t even imagine. That’s her story, but it’s also mine – because what she wasn’t able to have or do, she always tried her best to give to me – food, shelter, and education (because of her hard work, I was the first person in my family to graduate from college). Perhaps that’s why I take nothing for granted, why I have a soft heart for the underdog, why I believe in giving people a chance.

When I came to America, my mom sold goods out of a tiny cart from morning to night, which also meant I was raised to think a Happy Meal was an actual meal. And that set the tone for the kind of food I would eat most of my life – fast, processed, microwaved – until just a few years ago when I made drastic diet and life changes. My journey to better health is still very much in progress, but I’ve definitely come a long way.

What else about me? My fiance and I said goodbye to everything that was comfortable and familiar to us to move to New York City. Everyone called it crazy. And of course we happened to move right as the economy was melting. Double crazy. Looking for work and a place to live in the midst of massive layoffs was, to say the least, life changing. But it had always been my dream to live in New York City. As we know in life, there’s never really a perfect time; sometimes you have to just go for it. And that’s what we did. It was the most exhilarating time of our lives. We’re glad we made each day in the city count because we had to leave just a year later to help our family.

Today we live in Seattle, a place with some of the most stunning mountain views. I love taking very long walks, enjoying nature (I will always stop to admire the sun setting), practicing yoga, eating, learning how to cook, getting lost in music, making people laugh, meeting open-minded people with kind hearts, and continuing to reinvent myself. At 33, I feel like my life is just beginning.

I’d love to hear from you: saturdaypersimmon@gmail.com

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