Restyled, Recycled Military Bags

Daily Danny recently did a post about these bags from Stanley & Sons.The bags are made from recycled and vintage military duffel bag material as well as conveyor belt fabric (so they’re highly durable).


The original Apron & Bag Supply Co. was a manufacturer of factory aprons and bags owned by Stanley Grodzki. Stanley’s grandson Chris followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and started the updated company. Each product is hand-made one at a time, made to order. It’s based out of Brooklyn, NY., but they ship their bags for free within the U.S. I have to admit “made to order” sounds a bit pricey, especially for bags from recycled material, and they don’t list prices on their site.


I really love the uni-sex appeal of these. I love having a few bag options that are a bit more on the masculine side.


This I really love.


Stanley & Sons also makes the antithesis of girly aprons. I love the bags shown above, but I think I would still like my aprons to look a bit more feminine.


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